Tailored Investment Solutions

About Us

Tailored Investment Solutions (TIS) is an issuer of structured investments in Australia, specialising in providing retail and wholesale investors with tailored investments that offer exposure to global investment themes and alternative asset classes.

Our Values

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These are the values that guide our business, our investments, and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these three values remain constant.


We are committed to clearly explaining our products and the potential investment outcomes, including ‘worst-case’ scenarios and associated potential risks. We are not afraid of being honest with our clients, both in regards to our products and our fees.


We believe that the secret to life is progress. Very little progress has occurred over the past few decades with regards to the investment advice provided to retail clients. Every day we strive for progress and believe our investments are structured with the innovation that the investment landscape needs. Building with heart means caring about what we're doing – it’s not only our job, it’s our passion.


Our remuneration schedule is heavily linked to the performance of our investments. This means that our interests are aligned very closely to those of our clients. Whilst we cannot control the investment markets, and indeed market fluctuations and performance may adversely influence the returns our clients derive from our investments, our chief interest will always be managing smart investments that result in returns for our clients. We find it unethical that fund managers continue to charge high fees through periods of poor performance. It is time for that to change. If we do not derive a return on our clients’ investment, our performance fee is exactly what it should be: nothing. We are incentivised through this performance fee to do what our clients employ us to do – earn them a return.